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Jessi Phillips is a freelance journalist, fiction writer, musician, and adjunct English professor who earned her MFA in Creative Writing from Western Michigan University. She writes about travel, environmental issues, visual and literary arts, music, pop culture, and the outdoors. She lives in Oakland, California. Reach her at and follow her on twitter at @JessiPhillips99.


What Happened When We Tried to Get Over-the-Counter Birth Control in California | Broadly
The 2013 law allowing women to access birth control without a prescription in the state went into effect this month. But when we called over a dozen pharmacies in Los Angeles,...
Cynic Cave Send-off This Saturday at Lost Weekend Video
click to enlarge The hosts of Cynic Cave After three years of stand-up comedy showcases in the basement of the Lost Weekend Video, Cynic Cave will bid adieu this Saturday with a...
The Great Analog Gamble
On a chilly November evening, a few hundred people mill around a warehouse in a quiet corner of Oakland. The crowd spills into the empty street, where musicians, engineers, and...
Under the Cover (Bands) of Darkness: Halloween Tribute Shows Roundup
click to enlarge What's better than standing through a packed, sweaty show while wearing an itchy wig and ill-fitting polyester hand-me-down costume? Doing so while watching one...
Local Cookbook Authors Teach You How to "Decolonize Your Diet"
Photo courtesy of Luz Calvo Deciding to eat healthier often means turning to the latest diet trend or fashionable super food. But according to Luz Calvo and Catriona Esquibel,...
¬°FLACC! Celebrates Latin Americans in Contemporary Dance
click to enlarge Every artist needs space. In a city where physical space for the arts is becoming scarce, having space might mean finding acceptance in a community or feeling...
Impact Theatre's The Gun Show Questions America's Gun Obsession
click to enlarge Americans love guns. Or, rather, half of Americans love guns, while the other half, characterized inas "granola-eating, Whole Foods-shopping, Rachel...
"Third Eye Vision": Hip Hop's Phesto Dee's Solo Photography Exhibition | The Exhibitionist | San...
click to enlarge Self-portrait by Phesto Dee As one quarter of the hip-hop group Souls of Mischief,Phesto Dee found musical prominence at a young age, as the group released its...
Punch Drunk Lust: Red Light Lit's Intoxication Issue Out Friday
click to enlarge WhenRed Light Lit founders Veronica Christina and Jennifer Lewis chose the theme for their latest issue, "Everyone I Love is Drunk," they had in mind a broad...
East Bay Theater Troupe Agile Rascal Kicks off National Tour - By Bike!
click to enlarge Writing and producing a play requires sweat and sacrifice in even the cushiest of conditions: hours of daily rehearsal, endless revisions, personality conflicts...
OutofFocus.TV Presents First Annual Music Video Fest at The New Parkway
click to enlarge The MTV-fueled glory days of the music video have long since passed, but videos remain a crucial part of any band's ascent, helping it bring its songs to life,...
Oakland's Umami Mart Launches Monthly Sake Subscription Service
click to enlarge When you pair the words "sake" and "Oakland", you might think of the infamous bottomless sake at Coach Sushi, which has left many a patron contemplating his...
Interview: Trees for the Future of Haiti
January's earthquake in Haiti forced many Port-au-Prince residents to relocate to surrounding rural areas, most of which lack the ability to sustain them. According to Ethan...
Escape: Grand Canyon's Phantom Ranch - March/April 2010 - Sierra Magazine - Sierra Club
Act: Islamic Environmentalism - July/August 2010 - Sierra Magazine - Sierra Club
Humane Society's Naomi Rose on SeaWorld and Marine-Mammal Captivity
During a routine day at SeaWorld on Feb. 24, whale trainer Dawn Brancheau was killed by Tilikum, a six-ton orca already linked to two other deaths. Orcas are a threatened...
Sangria--A Cool Taste of Spain a Little Closer to Home
Activism Fuels Indigo Girls
Bloody mary review copy
The Top Five Bloody Maries in Kalamazoo

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